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                Brent Smith is from Indianapolis, IN, and was brought up and raised on the east side of Indianapolis. Brent believes that his savior Jesus Christ has called him to serve others within his community and lead others in the right direction within his community as Christ demonstrated his love for us. Brent once was a disadvantaged youth and a victim of despair, violence, which resulted in some major consequences that he had to face. Brent was headed down the wrong road of life and destruction. Eventually, Brent begins to take his pain and frustrations and transform it into positive energy. Later on, Brent begins to evaluate himself and realized that he has many God-given gifts and that he can be a conquer in anything he puts his mind to, and he truly believes that everyone has a God-given "gift" it just takes you to search within thyself to capture your gift. Today Brent is a successful and Influential entrepreneur. To date, Brent operates numerous businesses in the Indianapolis area including Smith American Bail Bonds the top Bail Bond Agency Of Indiana.


Brent brings a wide variety of experience to the Public Safety Industry. Brent has gained experience as an IPS Public Schools Recruit Police Officer in 2007, Owner of Charter United Protective Services Agency LLC., Smith American Bail Bonds (DBA),  Bail Fugitive Recovery Agent 2006 to 2013, Bail Agent 2013 – present, Ivy Tech State Community College Public Safety Officer 2009 – 2018. Brent has gained education through numerous institutions such as Pre Basic Training through (I.L.E.A) Atterbury Job Corps vocational diploma Security/Pre Law Enforcement through U.S. Department of Labor, Legal Concepts Cert. and Executive Protection Cert. through the International Foundation of Protection Officers, F.E.M.A Certification, Defense Tactics through Control Tactics and etc. Brent today is currently working as a Bail Agent and has also started and operated a youth and young adult outreach organization called “Realize the Gift in You”.   

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